• Del 11 diciembre 2015
  • Al 13 diciembre 2015
  • En Bucharest.Romania - Palatul Universul etaj 5. (Str. Ion Brezoianu, nr 23-25)

sadhana weekendCosmin Iancu este oaspetele nostru special venit Spania, unde are propriul sau studio Living Yoga Valencia (mai multe despre el poti citi sub descrierea acestei clase).
Workshopul de sambata si duminica pune accent pe practica si ne conecteaza cu misiunea noastra personala, cultivand virtutile razboinicului pasnic.
10AM Peace (3 hours)
1-2PM lunch
2PM Love (2 hours)

10AM Light (3 hours)

* Locatia va fi anuntata in curand.
Peace, love, light: Yoga Sadhana
{English friendly}

As yogis, we are all warriors;
the Sadhana (practice) is the ride, the intense determination, unshaken faith and truth the weapons;
the journey is a coming back to our real nature;
We don’t carry a sword neither a spear as we don’t need them… there is no fear in our hearts:
How can one be afraid when God is driving one’s chariot?
Our power comes from Surrender not from forcing others to surrender.
We embrace each day with a smile on the face and use the holy science of Yoga to purify our body and mind, so the Sacred Light can penetrate through all the layers that made us into what we are, and ignite the inner potential we carry within our Hearts.
We use Asana to heal and strengthen our body, Pranayama to purify the nadis and coordinate the energetic flow through them, Pratyahara and Dharana to sustain complete focus;
by entering the realm of Dhyana – the Yogic Meditation – we free ourselves.
The reality is NOW; so BE.

During this workshop we will focus on PRACTICE. The theory is just a small part of what yoga is, and one can find its main sources in books like Bhagavad Gita and Patanjali Yoga Sutras. Through the purifying fire of the practice (AGNI) one can reach deep into the realm of the subconscious, “burn” away the samskaras (behavioural patterns) and eventually realizing the silence of the mind, which is the true purpose of YOGA.

Through the fiery Asana practice, the restlessness tendency of one’s mind (Rajas) and/or lethargy of the body (Tamas) are diminished, the energy flow is reestablished, and a quality of purity, lightness and PEACE is found within (Sattva).

Enjoying a pure body and a peaceful mind, the capacity of maintaining the awareness focused increases in the practitioner (SADHAKA), and as one deepens the practice, the intensifying power of the AGNI ignites the desire for evolution towards a higher consciousness. By directing this energy towards the spiritual heart one develops unconditional LOVE for the whole creation, a powerful vibration that transforms every molecule and every thought. Only in LOVE one finds the beauty in everything and a strong desire to share with all living beings its incredible energy; only in love one realizes the power of creation by fulfilling one’s dreams.

Living in a healthy body with a peaceful mind gives us the freedom to focus all our attention towards fulfillment in life. Thinking and acting with Love brings contentment and creates harmony, stability and balance.
Through the way of the Sadhana, we bring the attention towards the Self, the core of all creation.There is nothing OUTSIDE that can help us on this way, as the journey is within. Only by living a life full of joy and happiness one can become a LIGHT for oneself.

Have PEACE, find LOVE and be LIGHT.

OM Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.


Donatie sugerata pentru wokshopul PEACE, LOVE AND LIGHT, Sadhana (sambata si duminica, 3 sesiuni): 120 lei
O singura sesiune din cele 3 de workshop: 50 lei
Donatie sugerata pentru clasa de vineri + workshop: 150 lei


Noi, organizatorii, promitem sa cream o experienta frumoasa pentru voi, participantii, insa fiecare dintre voi isi asuma raspunderea pentru sanatatea sa participand la aceasta clasa.